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Whitetail Acres Bed and Breakfast, a 100 year old Victorian home in the country with an interesting history and large barn built in 1892. Located on 120 acres with a creek and wooded areas to hike and explore. We are also located 30 miles NW of Wichita and 20 miles SE of Hutchinson 1 1/4 miles off of 4 lane K96.

Whitetail deerThe name Whitetail Acres was chosen for the Whitetail deer that inhabit this area and are frequently seen on the property.

Haven is a farming community in the fertile Arkansas Valley, located on K96. It has well manicured homes, old and new, grocery, hardware, and 2 convenience stores, 2 car agencies, a banks and a credit union, Homestead Products Antiques, a library, park and other industries. Unified School District 312 is located in Haven with high quality education in elementary, middle, and high school.

Yoder, an Amish and Mennonite community is 8 miles away on K96. Tour buses often stop there to see the Amish community, the farming area, horses and buggies, the old hardware store, the busy Carriage Crossing Restaurant, Dutch Mill Bakery, craft and antique stores, blacksmith and harness shops, cabinet and hand crafted furniture shops, carriage rides, plus more. Ask for flyer for more details.

Cheney Lake and Recreation area is 12 miles away, has over 9,000 acres of water, 5,000 acres of wild life area and 1,900 acres of state park area. It has many camping sites, fishing, boating, jet skiing and national sail boat events.

Hutchinson has a most interesting and educational space center affiliated with the Smithsonian, called the Kansas Cosmosphere and Omnimax Theater. Also, located in Hutchinson is the beautiful, fully renovated Fox Theratre, antique stores and many old historic homes that are being or have been restored, golf courses, Dillions Nature Center, Sandhills State Park and the Reno County Museum.

Wichita is the air capital of the world with Boeing, Raytheon, Cessna, and Learjet aircraft manufacturing. Points of interest are: a new Science Center to visit, Cow Town, The Indian Cultural Center, a large natural habitat Zoo, Botanical Gardens, large shopping centers, many golf courses and many cultural events.

Other places of interest in Kansas 1 to 2 hours away: Historic Abilene (President Eisenhower's Library and Home, historic homes and museums to tour). The Swedish town of Lindsborg, old historic Fort Larned on the Santa Fe Trail and the Santa Fe Trail Museum, to name a few.